"Methodicaly applied directional
pressure to create a shape the
horse can understand"
~~Ron Meredith~~
Horses don't speak english, they have a very specific language of their
own. Using shapes created by pressure help break down the
communication barrier between horse and trainer. In order for a
horse to accell he must understand what you are trying to say. In
order for him to understand what you are trying to say, you must
know how to speak to the horse.

Enika has dedicated her life to understanding horses and how they
think, learn, and communicate. She has developed the unique ability
to read a situation and approach it in a mannor that is conducive to
the animals training needs. All horses are different and therefore not
all hoses will learn the same, being able to recognise this and adjust
the training techniques is only a small part of Enikas sucess in the
training world.