The education and understanding
of the physiology and anatony of
the hoof are of utmost importance
if you want to sucessfully treat any
lameness or abnormality in the hoof. After 3 years of accredited schooling
and over 14 years of shoeing with others, lameness and therapudic shoeing
techniques have become an area that has sparked great interest for me. I
have dedicated much time and effort towards educating myself so that
understanding these processes are nothing less than second nature. I have
been fortunate enough to work with some incredible people in the medical
field drawing from their knowledge in order to expand my own. Early in
my career I traveled the country shoeing the Lippizan Stallions, during
these travels I was able to speak with dozens of farriers from all over the
country and swap ideas, techniques, stories and experiences. For the past
few years I have been working with several local vets on all different types
of cases, from simple abcesses to extremely complicated cases of founder in
all four feet. I have also been lucky enough to work with a retired farrier
from Florida who specialzed in treating white line disease all over the
world. He has treated the disease in several different countries and in some
of the most unbelievable conditions. I have the ability to consult him and
utilize the knowledge he has gained from working with some of the best
farriers in the world.
Another important part of the treatment process is owner education. By
educating the owner, they become more capable in the day to day
treatment of the specific problem. When the owner understands what is
happening and how the shoeing process is working, they are more able to
monitor and address any change that the horse may encounter. With this
new abilty the owner is now part of the healing process and that makes the
overall goal more attainable.