about enika
I graduated from a strictly equine
accredited college in the U.S.
Meredith Manor international
Equestrian center. My credentials include:
riding master 6, training master 6, teaching master 6 and farriers’ certification,
etc. After graduation, I was hired to ride for the World Famous Royal
Lipizzaner Stallions. I toured the U.S. and Canada Performing on two
tours at Grand Prix level, and the famous Airs Above the ground, Military
drills and the art of Haute e’cole. Studying both French and German style
dressage I feel has really helped to achieve a well rounded background. After
tour, I moved to Boston receiving my Mass. Teaching License and started
teaching and training intro. through Grand Prix level as well as running many
advanced riding and training programs for barns in the south shore area. I was
the first trainer/ teacher for the Brandies intercollegiate university. My
students, year after year, from all barns, have received many year end high
point awards competing in dressage, hunter/jumpers and eventing. We also
received high point barn of the year, and I received high point instructor for
the year, along with the Barn of Distinction awarded from the state of Ma.
As for my self, I still compete when time allows. Personally, I love competing
the jumpers and dressage. My goal is to bring all my training horses, and
personal horses up through the training tree and compete. I am also teaching
at several facilities on and around the south shore.